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Sampling of Significant Cases for J. Christy Wilson, III
Case Name Initial Offer Result
Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority v. American Newland $6,778,500 $23,547,000 Settlement Inclusive of Non-Monetary Benefits
Palm Beach County v. Awadallah $168,000 $1,470,000 Jury Trial/Settlement
Seminole County v. Boyle Investment/Red Willow Place $71,000 $5,000,000 Settlement Includes Non-Monetary Benefits
Seminole v. Clayton -0- $40,047 Settlement
F.D.O.T. v. Dart Road Ltd. $299,100 $2,665,014 Jury Trial Inclusive of Non-Monetary Benefits of $800,000
F.D.O.T. v. Lake Mary Centre $922,510 $1,286,217 Settlement
Greater Orlando Aviation Authority Parcels A-2 and B-1 v. Lake Nona Corporation $9.2 Million $19.4 Million Settlement Inclusive of Fees and Costs
Florida Power v. Mallard $27,585 $202,485 Trial
Osceola v. NationsBank -0- $1,200,000 Settlement
City of Maitland v. The Oaks Investment Corp. $315,348 $1,140,355 Settlement
Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority v. Pepin $2,117,000 $13,500,000 Settlement Inclusive of Non-Monetary Benefits
Seminole v. Rogers Signs -0- $25,000 Pre-Suit Settlement
FDOT v. Patel
$975,000 $1,330,000 Settlement plus Non-Monetary Benefits
FDOT v. Rees
$905,550 $1,425,000 Settlement plus Non-Monetary Benefits
FDOT v. Partin
$1,293,400 $2,450,000 Settlement
FDOT v. Jeffrey L. Langevin, Inc.
$994,800 $1,241,163 Settlement
Miro, LLC v. Frank-Lin Excavation, Inc.
-0- $238,553 Trial
Florida Power & Light v. Rybolt $456,000 $1,000,000 Settlement
D.O.T. v. Smith $428,000 $2,400,000 Settlement includes $400,000 Non-Monetary Benefits
D.O.T. v. Smith $415,200 $1,050,000 Settlement
Orange County v. Turkey Lake $826,185 $1,375,000 Settlement
Orland-Orange County Expressway Authority v. ZOM Valencia Lane, Ltd. $1,000,000 $3,760,000 Settlement
Brenda Properties v. Seminole County Expressway Authority -0- $1,782,245 Settlement
Orange North Associates v. Orlando/Orange County Expressway Authority -0- $280,000 Settlement